Are You Really on Top of Your Numbers in Business?

Updated: Oct 20, 2019

Don’t be afraid of the numbers. Start monitoring your KPIs!

Today on The Streetwise Tradesmen Podcast, John emphasises the importance of tracking your business’ Key Performance Indicator (KPI) if you want to scale up. Your KPI’s shall answer questions like, Are you reaching your targets? Are you still on track? What should be your next move?

If there’s no stable system in place to monitor and evaluate your KPIs, then start learning and approaching people that can teach you about it. Your KPI should be in sync with your business’ objectives and targets. Start listening in now so you can achieve your goals, get your time back and concentrate more on high-value producing tasks.


You can’t run a business without minding about your numbers. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) should be the basis so you make informed decisions.It’s useful to keep a spreadsheet of everything that’s happening in terms of the business’ finances. Update them regularly, so it’s easy to access and evaluate when you need to.If you’re struggling with your business or just want to scale-up, you also have to put in the effort to go outside your comfort zone. Improve your skill set and gain more knowledge. Start looking for resources and people who you can learn from.


“If you don’t know your numbers, don’t worry – go work it out and just find out. If you think it’s too overwhelming, reach out to me.”“It’s time to get security. You need to know the numbers in your business.”



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