Steve Sims: Bricklayer to Real-life Wizard of Oz for the Rich and Famous, The Man Who Can

Steve Sims comes on board for this episode sharing his journey from bricklayer to the ‘man who can for the rich and famous’

In this fascinating chat he shares his experience and reflects on how his start as a bricklayer in the Eastend of London gave him the communication, life skills and principles that underpin everything he does.

As an entrepreneur who has experienced falling down and getting up more than once he brings a priceless collection of life experiences that anyone can learn from, listen in and learn.


Getting there

I grew up in East London, it was the kind of society where your word was your bond and if I did something to piss you off in the street then your knuckles would be meeting my teeth. LThe skillset of being able to communicate with people directly is why people want me in a world where the use of emails and messaging is dominant.


It’s all about who you know and being credibleI leapfrog across credible sources and by the time I get to the place I want to be I’ve got 50 credible sources behind me.


We get shit on, we fall over, we get rich, we go broke, we get rich we go even more broke it’s the journey we take as entrepreneurs.Every time you fall over you have a few moments of self-pity then you get up and you never get up and are the same height, you gain experience.You never fall over in the same hole, as you gain experience from falling over you become educated.My education comes from the multiple failures I have experienced. I realised how wealthy I was because of the education I was given.

The accumulation of people around you

The first smart thing you can do in life is a social audit asking;Who around me inspires me, challenges me, supports me, nurtures me?If there is someone in your group who doesn’t care about you then removing them from your circle is vital.The first thing I did was to become selfish with my time and the people I hung out with.They don’t all have to be wealthy, but they have to bring something to the table

What people want

I get a lot of people who won’t tell you what they want. I ask ‘why’ to understand their motivation and whether the experience will make them happy.I use my inner sherlock asking why repeatedly to get a true answer.The second it becomes experiential I never give a client what they ask for I give them what they desire and lust after. We’ve all got pseudo smart; we are the slowest evolving technology on the planet and we still need to connect and communicate with each other.Technology has got to be there to enhance your life not take away the key elements.We are losing the ability to look others in the eye and communicate but direct communication is the key to our successful involvement with others .


‘I just suddenly started to find things that I could do’

‘I always look to see who I know who’s close to the sandbox I want to get in’

‘As entrepreneurs there’s no tooth fairy you just have to get up’

‘Technology has got to be there to help you not replace you’

‘Experience comes 2 seconds after you needed it most’


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Steve Sims is the visionary founder of Bluefish: the world’s first luxury concierge that delivers the highest level of personalised travel, transportation, and cutting-edge entertainment services to corporate executives, celebrities, professional athletes and other discerning individuals interested in living life to its fullest.

In a world loaded with self-described ‘motivational gurus’ who are far more interested in your cash than they are your consciousness, Steve refuses to comprise his principles, which include;

Telling the truth – directly, blatantly, fearlessly and with no holds barred.

Delivering visionary insights that are deeply rooted in pragmatic reality and practical action.

Sharing everything he knows about being successful on a professional and personal level.


Steve Sims website

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