My Fitness Journey

Fitness is a huge part of my life, I have the mindset that we need to work on ourselves in order to improve other areas of our lives. Back in 2016, I stepped on stage in front of hundreds of people to compete in a men's physique comp.


Fitness doesn’t have to be hard or extreme it can be easily done during the day there is no excuse. Your health is your wealth, here a 5 of my best tips to get you fit an healthy

Set the alarm 1 hour early in the morning, drink a black coffee then head out for a power walk. Aim to do an hour walk, use this time to get in some education via audio books or podcast.

Eat fewer calories throughout the day.

Move more - take the stairs, walk to work. Make sure that you are upping your energy expenditure.

Set a realistically achievable goal whether it be to drop a dress size or a photo shoot then.

Stay consistent with your goal.

I set a goal many years ago that I would compete on stage in front of so many people

Now i help others achieve there goal


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